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International Women’s Day – thank God for girls

International Women's Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and I approached with the typical awkwardness of a boring white man who just doesn’t quite get it. Arriving at the open-plan paradise that is my office workplace, I greeted the 50-something women Julie who occupies the desk next to me with. “It’s International Women’s Day… congratulations”. After a moment of silence, she thanked me cause she’s a nice lady but then a sideways glance let me know it had fallen flat and a different

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Dads and depression – why the long face?

I read an online article this week about a recent study revealing 4% of kiwi dads experience depression following the birth of a child. While it’s significantly lower than post-natal depression in mothers – it’s a confronting figure. Depression in dads is a real issue and one you hear little about. As a little kid living near Auckland Harbour I used to go to a local boat house in the summer with my family, and sometimes friends, to jump from

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Beached as bro

Moby Dick Beached Whale

I have a bucket list, it’s not a particularly great one, but it’s mine. Some items on the list, like ‘shoot an AK-47’ have  been achieved. Others, like ‘jump a car on to a boat’ are more difficult, long term goals. But there is one entry on the list that stands out for its altruistic merits – ‘Save a beached whale’. The recent and regular whale strandings at Farewell Spit, got me thinking more about those poor whales and what

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10 birth tips for first time dads

Becoming a first time dad happens in one unreal instant - the moment of birth. Like a space monkey ready to be rocketed into the unknown, there are naturally nerves and concerns. Check out our top 10 first time dads birth tips and get educated. Knowledge is king new daddy.
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Tiny dancer at the barber

Barbershop Image

My little man needed a haircut bad. Up front his hair was already troubling his eyes, and out back it was getting bogan. My wife and I had known it for weeks, but a toddler haircut was a task resting deep in the ‘too hard/not urgent’ basket. It was just me and my lad at home on a Sunday when I decided that something just had to be done. Nappy bag in the car, little nugget in his car seat and

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About Instant Dad

Instant Dad is every Kiwi dad – except better looking and more bloggy. He’s a faceless representation of all fresh dads in Aotearoa out there having a crack at parenting. Instant Dad likes to clown around, but the intent of this site is genuine - to help dads navigate the pitfalls of early-stage parenting.