Toilet Training – Field Notes

Toilet Training Field Notes
I’m no toilet training master, and this isn’t a tutorial. But I’m now a veteran of one potty training tour of duty and if I tell you how it went down, maybe it will make you’re battle a bit easier. At minimum you’ll enter the danger zone with open eyes and can honestly claim to your partner that you’ve been reading online. Check out my field notes.
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Avoid new dad Facebook D-baggery

New Dads and Facebook

There’s certainly a lot of bullshit on Facebook, but at its foundations lays an inescapable honesty. It reflects your stage in life. Sure, you might have a few FB friends that are radically different ages to you, but the majority are your peers.  And your Facebook wall that was once dominated by group shot party photos and ‘jealous much?’ beach holiday snaps, is now incessant updates on home renovations and of course – baby photos. That’s where you are in

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Zombie dad guide to the first three months

Zombie Dad Image

Your child’s birth was the moment you got bit. Then, as you lose more and more sleep you transition through to a full Zombie state, soon the process will be complete. Eight hour slumbers are just fantasy, takeaway containers litter the kitchen bench and pyjama pants are worn till 2pm. The biggest problem for newly enlightened zombies is that soon they must return to the land of the living. That means work, commuting, shopping and talking to regular people. So how will you

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10 birth tips for first time dads

Becoming a first time dad happens in one unreal instant - the moment of birth. Like a space monkey ready to be rocketed into the unknown, there are naturally nerves and concerns. Check out our top 10 first time dads birth tips and get educated. Knowledge is king new daddy.
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About Instant Dad

Instant Dad is every Kiwi dad – except better looking and more bloggy. He’s a faceless representation of all fresh dads in Aotearoa out there having a crack at parenting. Instant Dad likes to clown around, but the intent of this site is genuine - to help dads navigate the pitfalls of early-stage parenting.