Instant Dad is every Kiwi dad – except better looking and more bloggy. He’s a faceless representation of all fresh dads in Aotearoa having a crack at parentingInstant Dad About.

Instant Dad isn’t the World’s Greatest Dad and doesn’t desire the novelty coffee mug that states it. Instant Dad prefers plain, tasteful ceramics in his home. That said, Instant Dad knows what it means to be as tired as a fat kid’s pony and on the edge of head-butting the next person that asks “are you enjoying this special time?”

Instant Dad likes to clown around, but the intent behind this blog is to help dads navigate the pitfalls of early-stage parenting. Instant Dad believes that communicating the thoughts, experiences and mistakes of a rookie dad can be as valuable as the advice of qualified experts.  

Instant Dad’s credentials are bonafide. He has two kids on the board; one toddler, one newborn, with both genders covered. Instant Dad is earning his stripes, he has battled bath time code browns, had his favourite shirt spewed down, and has taken a full sippy cup to the nuts. Instant Dad lives with a patient wife who is smarter, prettier and much more professionally accomplished than him. She loves Instant Dad… usually.  

Instant Dad will not waste the start of each blog post by telling you how exhausted he is or how much wine he’s drunk, just assume Instant Dad is always super tired and three beers deep.

Working with Instant Dad

Instant Dad is a total sell out. If you deal in the currencies of cash, beer or cool gear then Instant Dad is the type of online media mercenary you’re looking for – 

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